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New place for new living
More than 800 years of history and the best weather in Europe, Portugal is a country that once you visit the first time, you leave with an overwhelming need to come back. So why not to live in Portugal?

Portugal has a lot of restaurants with Michelin stars but that’s not what defines the gastronomy in Portugal.
Portugal is considered one of the safest places in the world to live and is an ideal country to spend the holidays and invest.
Portugal like most of the countries in Europe has an amazing health care system in place. Without compulsory insurance, allows everyone to be assisted in public hospitals
With hundreds of days of sun per year, Portugal is the prime destination to escape rough winter weather.
Apart from tourism, which has been an important lever for the Portuguese economy, the real estate market has also served as a solid foundation of Portugal’s economy.
About Us
My name is Susana Henriques and I was born in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.
I have studied and lived all over Europe and now my husband JC and I spend our time both in Portugal and in the USA.
I’m a licensed real estate agent in Florida as well as in Portugal.
My husband, Juan Cartaya (JC) was born in Cuba and moved to the US with his parents when he was 2 years old, and he and I have been buying and selling Real Estate in Portugal for the last 7 years.
During this time, a number of our friends, family and business associates have visited Portugal with us and experienced the great personal and investment opportunities by buying property with us in this incredible country, a true "piece on heaven." Now we invite you to explore the next wave of opportunity with us!
We can help you not only to purchase the property but we have attorneys that we have been working for a long time that we can recommend.
We can help you as well to connect all the services like water, electricity, etc (can be hard with the language barrier all the paper work is in Portuguese) even with furniture, so is a one stop shopping.
Architecture & Design
The architecture in Portugal is rich and diversified. Portugal has architecture from the Moorish times, renaissance, neo classic and everything between. Portugal’s rich history can be seen in the vast array of architecture found throughout the country. Medieval Castles, Ruins of Roman occupation, Gothic, Romanesque, Manueline, Portuguese Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo are only some of the periods that influenced the development of the old cities of Portugal.




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Susana Henriques
US +1 786 4438455
PT +351 912403060
Juan Cartaya
US +1 786 2998303
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