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Portugal elected Europe's Leading Tourism Destination 2022

Portugal was once again considered the "Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination", in the European edition of the 2022 World Travel Awards and which awards ceremony took place last Saturday.

The election results from the vote of thousands of professionals in the sector, from every country in the world, and this year Portugal collected other 30 awards, among destinations, regions and products and services.

Among the regional destinations, the Azores (Europe's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination), Algarve (Europe's Leading Beach Destination), Lisbon (Europe's Leading City Break Destination, Europe's Leading Cruise Destination and Europe's Leading Seaside Metropolitan Destination) and Porto (Europe's Leading City Destination) stand out.

Turismo de Portugal was also once again awarded the trophy for Europe's Leading Tourist Board.
Internation Living | 13 Nov 2022

Pilar 7 Bridge Experience

Located in Alcântara (Avenida da Índia), this interactive centre allows all visitors to have an unique experience of the bridge – considered one of the prettiest in the world – via a tour that takes in the exterior areas of this key pillar and the sensory experience of visiting its interior.

It is a trip through the history of its construction and ends with an elevator ride up to a panoramic viewing point that provides an unrivalled view of the city and the river.

Making use of modern multimedia devices, your visit ends with an immersive virtual reality experience of parts of the bridge that are inaccessible and a call at the PhotoBooth so you can record this unforgettable moment.
Internation Living | 05 Nov 2022

The 12 Historic Towns of Portugal

Where can you feel the freedom of countryside vistas and the cozy security of walled enclosures? Put your boots on a hiking trail and perch above it all? Taste Roman history as well as savory cuisine? That’s easy: Portugal’s Beira Interior region.
Internation Living | 01 Nov 2022
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